Bedroom Setup for Small Rooms

Canon EOS 70D on Sachtler Ace tripodShooting video has become almost totally automated: once the camera has been turned on, it can take over doing many chores a human once had to, such as focusing the image or adjusting the color balance. This has led to the misconception that when shooting inside a room, it can be left “as is” and the camera will take up the slack. But that’s erroneous, because the room influences and affects the final video. ?Visual Buddha LED Light and green screen Do you have to spend a lot of money to build your YouTube studio? Does the room have to be devoted entirely to shooting? No, to all three questions. But it does mean that the basics for capturing video and sound must be put into place. And time must be spent looking for equipment from a number of sources, such as the local hardware store, photo store and online retailers. Still, there is a distinct advantage to having your own YouTube studio setup, since it will bring a level of professionalism and sophistication to what you shoot.

DPA Lavalier MicLocation

In a small room, the ability to shoot full length body shots may not be possible. Half-length may be the norm, for example, a TV newscaster-like setup where the talent is seated behind a table. So the next step is to create a “dead zone” in the room both for what the camera can hear and an “on-air zone” for what it will see.

Light Control

Let’s look at light control first. Any external lighting must be eliminated: for example, windows must have blinds, curtains or masks that prevent any light from entering. This might require using black velour on a curtain rod that can go in front of the window shades to further cut off light. You might need to apply black fabric directly to the windows with tape to seal around the edges (painter’s tape, for example, is a temporary tape that won’t pull up paint or damage the material it has been placed against). Doors must also be dealt with, but the majority of light “leak” will be confined to the floor and can temporarily be taken care of by using a thick towel to reduce the draft or for a more permanent solution, make a skirt from a dark, light-trapping material that hangs down from the bottom of the door.

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