Decorating Ideas for Lounge and Dining room

Living Room and Dining Room Decorating Ideas and Design | HGTV

Take advantage of Free Shipping on best-selling mirrors, and add decorator style to your dining room and every room of the house. In small places, such as an entryway or a small living room, mirrors add depth and dimension by visually doubling the size of your space. For added style, consider using decorative mirrors in the living room, where larger designs are sure to impress with their bold, oversized looks.

There are a few helpful terms to know before you shop. Frameless decor mirrors offer a light, clean look for modern interiors. Beveled edge glass is an attractive angled-cut side that offers a finished look; decorative mirrors for bedrooms and sitting areas often utilize this feature. For traditional and transitional dining rooms, sunburst frames incorporate a round shape with rays extending outward from the center - whether gold or silver, ornate or minimalist, they're always sure to please! With over 1000 mirrors to choose from, have fun, shop around, and find a look that best reflects you.

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