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If you’re starting from scratch, we recommend picking one point of inspiration to build the room around. It can be as small as a framed picture from a treasured trip with friends or even a throw pillow. From there, you can keep the room light and airy feeling so your inspiration piece really pops by sticking to light, neutral colors like white, cream, gray and beige.

Feel like taking it a step further? Pull an accent color or two from your inspiration piece. A solid brightly colored throw blanket on the back of a chair or couch can liven up your space instantly. Throws have the added benefit of adding comfort and polish to a smaller seating area without occupying a lot of valuable space the way accent pillows often do

Scale! Scale! Scale!

When decorating a tiny living room, you already know that every square inch counts. With that in mind, it’s important to make sure your furniture is appropriately scaled for the space. If maximum seating is your priority, opt for a mid-size sectional instead of a sofa and armchair combination. If you’re really pressed for space, you can even recreate the look and feel of a sectional by adding an ottoman to one side of the couch.

Pro tip: when you don’t need to put your feet up, you can put a tray over your ottoman and use it as a coffee table.

Have Fun

When it comes to colors and patterns in small living spaces, have fun with it! Mixing and matching colors and patterns across upholstered furniture and throw pillows is a great idea. If you’re worried about overdoing it, just remember to refrain from creating too many focal points in your room. By pairing down the number of patterned pieces in the space, you’ll keep your small living room feeling airy and fresh.

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