Dining room Furniture Ideas a Small Space

Kitchen islands are the ultimate luxury for the everyday cook. They’re a handy extra surface when you need more room for prep, the perfect spot to serve up a buffet-style spread, and an easy place to enjoy a casual meal. For even more versatility, go for a taller island, which allows for added storage underneath and lets stools slide underneath and out of the way when they’re not in use.

How to make it feel bigger: Open shelving in place of upper cabinetry is a surefire way to bring an airier, more casual feel to the kitchen—and it lets you show off your favorite serving pieces.

The Petite Breakfast Spot

Sure, you can’t serve dinner for 12 here, but you don’t need a grand dining table to enjoy an everyday meal. A petite bistro table is a chic solution to small-space dining woes—especially if that dedicated “breakfast nook” next to your kitchen feels less than roomy.

How to make it feel bigger: A lightened-up palette—from the walls to the rug to the furniture—does wonders to counteract the smallness of a space (and those French doors don’t hurt either).

Photo by Manuel Rodriguez

The Built-In Kitchen Nook

Built-ins can be pricey, and not every space is conducive to installing them. But their appeal and ease is undeniable, and they’re just as well suited for enjoying a quick cup of coffee as they are for savoring a full dinner with the family. If you’re not ready to take the plunge with a custom build, try a freestanding banquette, which creates an elegant (and movable) alternative.

How to make it feel bigger: It’s all about the color palette. Embrace crisp neutrals and clean lines to create an uncluttered, open-and-airy feeling.

The Mix-and-Match Spare Corner

Don’t have a dining room or an extra spot in the kitchen to park a table and chairs? This smart and oh-so stylish solution is for you. Turn any spare corner into a spot to eat—you don’t even have to have a full table and a coordinating suite of chairs. We love the mix-and-match look that a settee brings to this space, evoking the relaxed vibes of a French café.

Photo by Manuel Rodriguez Photo by Lesley Unruh

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