Gorgeous Living Rooms

12 of the Most Gorgeous Living Rooms in the South

According to real estate experts, it would take a buyer only 3 to 10 seconds to decide if they are interested in your home. One of the best ways to make a fantastic first impression is through home staging – that is, creating a space that is desirable to a potential buyer.

You want to alter your space ever so slightly in order to create a neutral zone that homebuyers can truly envision themselves living in.

The main room that people see first at a home visit is the living room, so it’s imperative to consider a few home staging tips for a gorgeous living room. They’re relatively easy to put into place, they aren’t time consuming or very costly, and they could help you sell your home quickly and for the price that you were hoping for.

So here are four home staging tips for a gorgeous living room.

1- Emphasize points of interest

Does your living room have a substantial bay window with stunning views, a massive wood- or gas-burning fireplace, or some other impressive architectural detail that has always been the centerpiece of the space? A great home staging tip for a gorgeous living room is to emphasize such points of interest. Show them off – in the end these could be major selling points.

2- Emphasize comfort

The main purpose of a living room is to relax, whether it be curling up with a good book or cuddling with the family to watch an action-packed movie. Light a few candles (that perhaps smell like apples or cinnamon) to truly create a homey effect. Add some vibrant decorative cushions to the couch or a plush throw to the club chair. This home staging tip for a gorgeous living room will make visitors feel comfortable in your house.

3- Depersonalize

A room littered with family photos, trophies, religious figures, and more can make it difficult for a possible homebuyer to “picture themselves” living in your space, so make the room less personal. Remove these items from the living room to give it a more neutral look, allowing buyers to really envision what their own belongings will look like in the space – it’s one of the quickest and easiest home staging tips for a gorgeous living room.

4- De-clutter

If clutter is the first thing that a visitor sees when they enter your home, especially in a common area like the living room, it will be hard for them to see past the mess, lessening your likelihood of a sale. So tidy up that busy bookshelf, get the kids’ toys off of the floor and into bins, and make the living room as clean and airy as possible. An orderly blank canvas of a space is a home staging tip for a gorgeous living room that will get buyers interested (and could just start a bidding war!).

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