Help me Arrange my Living room

Crafted with CareNeed help arranging your living room furniture? Nothing gives your room a fresh new start than rearranging the furniture, but it can sometimes be a little hard to figure out which pieces should go where. If you're ready to take on this challenge and breathe new life into your living room, check out these tips to arranging the perfect living space.

But first, it's important that you take measurements of your space and furniture. This can help you draw out and plan which furniture can fit where, and how much room that leaves for walking — or running for active children and pets.

Tips for Arranging the Furniture in Your Living Room

This means that people entering and exiting your living room don't have to slide, scoot or shuffle into or out of the room because of the way your furniture is arranged. Make sure there's a comfortable distance between your furniture and exits.

If you have an oversized couch, table or have too many pieces of furniture in your living room, your problem may not even be the arrangement but the furniture itself. Make sure your furniture not only fits the size of your room (remember to measure!), but can also comfortably seat your family or regular guests. Nothing more, nothing less.

Tip #3: Don't be afraid to mix furniture sizes. There's no rule against pairing a sectional with a loveseat and accent chair. Playing with varied sizes of furniture can bring a much-needed dynamic to your living room. But again, make sure you've got those measurements handy. It'd be a shame to realize that your new sofa blocks an entrance to the room.

Tip #4: To rug, or not to rug. Adding a rug to your living space can bring a fresh new color to your living room, making it feel like an entirely new place. Conversely, removing a rug that's been there since you moved in may be the change you've been looking for. Rugs can play a major role in altering the style of your living room; but because of that, be careful of which rug you choose and how it's placed.

Tip #5: Bring new light to an old space. Sometimes all you need to create a fresh perspective of a place is a little light. Adding lamps to corners and end tables is a great way to brighten the room while allowing you to see your living room in a whole new light — literally!

Love the Arrangement of Your Living Room Again

No matter how you position it, make sure your living room is a thoughtful reflection of your family and style. Whether you space it out, create a cozy sitting area or look to Feng shui rules as your guide, let Bassett Furniture help you furnish your home with timeless and elegant pieces. Our design consultants can even help you arrange your furniture the way you want it with ease.

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