Help me design my living room

One of the best things about tech is communicating ideas or making visions come to life with little time and resources. With a good app in your hand can you rearrange the room while sitting on your couch, see with augmented reality exactly how new furniture will look in the living room, or find the perfect color for the office. Here are 6 apps that deliver apartment therapy.


Left: uDecore - Right: Home Design Interior Space Planning Tool

Augmented reality is an amazing concept that has grown to delivering virtual furniture into our homes. uDecore uses the iOS's camera to place furniture in your home on screen in real time. It features 240 furniture pieces, as well as the ability to change the size, color and placement of each item for full customization. uDecore also has the option to change flooring to tiles, hardwood or add a rug. em

Home Design Interior Space Planning Tool
Creating a floor plan for your space and adjusting furniture placement has never been easier than with the Home Design Interior Space Planning Tool. Created by interior designer Mark Lewison, this app lets you input your home floor plan and furniture to rearrange it with professional help. There's a lot to offer, with professional tips such as the 'Ten Commandments of Interior Design' checklist to make the most of your home. With precise measurements, you can avoid the door hitting furniture and make a clear path from room to room. $2


Left: My Measures and Dimensions - Right: 3D Interior Room Design

My Measures and Dimensions For technical facts and figures, My Measures and Dimensions doesn't play around. Take a picture of furniture or the living space and drag to highlight the dimensions you need to be aware of. This app is perfect for when you're out and about and need to double check your home's facts when you're in the hardware store. If you wish to know what will and won't fit in the room you're working on to the utmost precise detail, open up My Measures and Dimensions to avoid needless return trips. Perfect for the handyman side of interior design.

Apps that add a third dimension to your floor plans usually become convoluted and muddled by awkward touchscreen controls. 3D Interior Room Design is not one of those apps, making it as easy as inputting your floor plans into a grid and watching it come to life. There is a great deal of customization to add to your designs, such as wall colors, baseboard moldings, doors, windows, changing the walls to brick, wallpaper, pictures, wall panels, fireplaces, rugs and curtains. The visuals are well made, and furniture placements are promised in a future update. $5
Also available for iOS - $5

Windows Phone 7

Left: Augmented Colors - Right: Feng Shui Kua Finder

Gathering colors to accentuate your home is easy with this highly popular augmented reality app for Windows Phone. Point and snap colors that surround you to find their RGB and hexadecimal matches, which are helpful for designers of all categories. When looking for the perfect tone for room accents, save colors for later that strike your fancy. em

Feng Shui is the popular spiritual art of home decor, which promotes the creed that a good home layout brings peace, health and prosperity in your everyday life. In finding the Earth's polarity and energy flow, you will be able to find the optimal placement of furniture. The Feng Shui Kua Finder app makes it easier for beginners to jump in by inputting the data surrounding their living space and in return receiving data back that's easy to digest.

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