Kindergarten Classroom Furniture Arrangement

Preparing for KindergartenYou guys have asked… so I am going to answer…

A lot of new to K teachers have been emailing me to ask basic questions about K.

Let’s face it…
Kindergarten is a completely different {and better} world than most grades…
so let’s break it down and help out some of these new to K teachers.

{And maybe some veterans can learn some new tips or lend a hand along the way???}

To start out… how do I set up my classroom??

When setting up your classroom, I suggest a few things.

1. Know your schedule and routine

{Are you going to use guided reading groups, centers, Daily 5, etc?}
If you have a Teaching Assistant or Collaborative class with another teacher,
make sure you are utilizing them to the fullest potential.
Sometimes that means you have to get creative and uncomfortable.
But if it is best for your students, then you need to try it.
One example I love to share is calendar time.
I rarely do calendar in the morning.
Why? Because I have a TA in the am.
I do not have her in the afternoons.
It is smarter for me to do calendar time in the afternoons so I can have small groups in the morning.

2. Know how many kiddos the room will have to hold.

{If you plan for 16 and have 24 show up…
that is bad…
always prepare for more!}
This also means you have to have enough cubbies, hooks, and spaces on your carpet.
If you have 18 kids on your list, prep for at least 22.
You will thank me later.

3. Leave no hiding places available…
all K kids NEED to be in your sight at a glance.
Position all furniture so you can see all of them.
If there is a hiding spot, they will find it.
This also means… wait for it…
I don’t have a teaching desk.
I haven’t for 8 years.
It is a waste of space.
I have an awesome area for my students to use instead.
And I no longer have a drop spot for all my junk.
And a hole for students to hide in.

4. Make your room a place you will love…
then your kids will love it too!

If you know you will be using Daily 5-
you need to plan ahead for places for book boxes and a large classroom library.
If you love small groups,
you have to make sure you know how many kids will be your groups
so your tables can hold that many kids.
Makes sense right???

Also think about supplies.
Will each kid have their own or will they be communal?

Where will these items be stored?

If I want kids to get into it, it is in their eye sight and reach…

manipulatives, clip boards, markers, pencils, tissues, etc.

Also think about books here.

What books can they use or can’t they use?

How will they know?

If I do not want a kid to get into it, I keep it away.

{For example, my tubs full of learning materials per unit,
Sharpies, teacher scissors, art supplies we haven’t introduced yet, etc.}

I keep these in a closet or cabinet.

Wall space is also precious.

Keep in mind what resources you want posted all year!

And make sure all these displays are worth your wall space.

Then, I leave lots of room for student art and creations…
because it is THEIR classroom and they should have space to show off
what they make and learn through.

The best source I know for inspiration for classroom set up is

In fact… this is my classroom on her site!

I took a new video of my classroom and I promise to post it soon as well.

I have a large colorful carpet where all my students meet at.
I have 6 color coded tables that are used for morning work, small groups, etc.
I also have lots of open area because kids need room.
My favorite thing about my room is… NO TEACHER DESK!
That is right… I chunked it a few years ago because it was such a waste of space for a place I never used.

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