Latest Living room Ideas

Photo features Vista 12 x 24 in a grid pattern on the floor with Tibetan Slate stacked stone on the fireplace.If you're looking to add a sense of greatness to your small living room, you can accomplish this by using a few interior design tricks of the trade. Your selection of floor and wall colors, as well as the placement of furniture and accessories, can work together to make a small space appear bigger and brighter. So if you're considering adding new flooring or decorative accents, here are some small living room ideas using tile that will help you make the most of your space.

Stick to a Light Color Palette

To open up your space, try sticking with light colors for the floor and walls. This added brightness will reinvent a dark, dull interior, and infuse a lighter, airy feel into your living room. When choosing floor tiles, stick to a neutral color with a simple pattern and thinner grout lines. The clean look of the Bay Bridge line, shown below, is available in a light neutral color and a trendy plank shape. Extending the tile up onto the fireplace and seating area enhances the flow of the room, and the result is a charming, cozy atmosphere that's free of clutter and distraction.

Plan Your Design

Photo features Fresco Caffe 18 x 18 field tile in a diamond pattern with Catina Tumbled Stone Medallion on the floor. Fireplace features Fresco Caffe 2 x 2 mosaics with Elemental Glass in Obsidian 1 x 1 mosaics.To make your living room appear larger, give thought to the overall placement and pattern of the tile that you add. A diamond pattern can make a room appear larger, for example. You can also add tile up to the ceiling — and opt for tall curtain rods, as shown here — to make the ceiling appear higher.

Alternatively, longer, thinner rooms often benefit from a perpendicular tile pattern. If you want your small living room to appear larger and more open, try opting for larger format tile with thin grout lines. This will give the space a seamless look.

Add Decorative Accents

A burst of color can help wake up a neutral palette and brighten the personality of a small room. For example, placing colorful glass tiles behind open shelves can turn a functional storage space into an artistic display. The reflective quality of mirrors also increases the feeling of spaciousness in a small room. Adding a colorful tile frame around a mirror, for instance, will draw attention to the mirror and make your room feel bigger than it actually is. Finally, the addition of metallic mosaics will reflect light, and will enhance the depth of your decor. Try tiling your living room hearth with stone and metallic mosaics for an attention-grabbing focal point.

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