Lightweight Living room Furniture

[The sack of laundry we cart to the cleaners each week weighs more, for chrissake!]

Geenen futzed around with assorted manufacturing methods and materials to shed the pounds. Take the chair below, which is crafted from Dyneema, a textile used to make bulletproof vests that’s said to be up to 15 times stronger than steel on a weight-to-weight basis. By varying the stiffness of the fabric to accommodate different stress points in the chair, he was able to produce a fully functional piece of furniture that weighs less than a MacBook.

This shelving unit is made partly of Dyneema, too. The fiber creates a wire support grid, with a “tensional” diagonal pattern. As a rule, materials dealing with tensional forces can be very thin compared with a material that has to be able to withstand compressive forces. Put another way, the grid’s shape means that Geenen can use an ultra-light material (Dyneema) without worrying that the whole unit’ll come crashing to the ground under the duress of the collected works of William T. Vollmann.

[The SLS Chair has an open, airy, glass-filled nylon structure that comes directly out of a 3D printer.]

[We’ve covered the Gaudi Stool before, but Geenen improved it by constructing the top surface out of a Dyneema composite instead of carbon fiber.]

The benefits of featherweight furniture are pretty obvious. It slashes energy consumption during production and transportation, and it won’t break your back every time you want to rearrange the living room. Light-room is only a prototype, but Geenen says he’s ready to go into production. Check his website for updates.

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