Living dining room design

Dining Room And Living Living Dining Room Design Brilliant And

Room Label

My Combined Living/Dining

I want this room to feel more masculine/feminine/neutral


What type of sunlight does this room receive?

Morning light

What do you currently dislike about the room?

Ugly PTAC underneath otherwise beautiful windows! (Don't want to inhibit airflow, but do want to decorate around it)

What pieces of existing furniture, lighting, art or accessories do you want to keep in the design?

We'd really like the keep the two sofas. They are both off white.

We have four of the cushioned dining chairs (off white) that'd be nice to keep, but we're open to not using them. We also have two of the criss-cross backed chairs (from IKEA) that we're open to not using, but could be nice to keep.

Nevertheless, we want to offer you

Coffee table we are open to discarding, but if it can be useful in some way we're open to keeping it.

The image uploaded is not our actual bookcase, but it's the same style. We bought ours from Crate and Barrel and it is a darker brown as shown in the picture. We are definitely keeping this and would love to have it in the dining/living room, but we may be able to incorporate it into our bedroom instead.

We love our rocking chair! We won't throw it out, but we can put it in another room.

The small sofa chairs are off white and are from IKEA. We have two of them. For context, they are about 5 inches shorter than our couches. We would like to keep these, but might be able to put them in another room.

We are going to keep all of the art/pictures, but are open to putting different pieces in different rooms. The more we can incorporate into our living room/dining room, great.

Are you open to changing your wall colors?


Do you have a preference for either paint or wall covering, or are you open to both?

Open to both

Are you open to changing your floor covering?


Additional comments to designers

We need a number of things in our combined dining/living room:
-I need a desk to work at. It needs to be on the longer/larger side as it will need room for a printer, two laptops, an additional monitor, and speakers. Perhaps we can incorporate shelving in/around the desk.
-Our two sofas are basically the only two things that we really, really want to be able to incorporate into the design.
-We are planning to buy a TV to put on a wall.
-We want to distract attention away from the HVAC as much as possible, but we do not want to disrupt airflow. Perhaps we can put shelving/window seating near it?
-We don't have a ton of silverware/glasses and so we don't need any additional storage when it comes to the dining room area
-Our entryway more or less leads into the dining room. We want to have some kind of bench/storage to sit on to take off our shoes in that area between the main door and the closet (not the pantry). We're wondering how to do this in a way that is separate but flows with the dining room area.
-Lighting is really important to us. In choosing to buy this house, the big windows were the selling point. We're really excited for suggestions around the overhead lighting above the dining room area and in the entryway. We like the recessed lighting we have in the living room area. If you had to choose more or less lighting, we'd go for more.

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