Living room and Office design

Spreading bills out on the coffee table will only work for so long. Eventually, you may need to find a spot in your living room for a proper desk. Here are some location options to get your gears turning and inspire you to fit a real desk into your living room.

In a Side Table
Group your office supplies into organizing boxes (as shown above) and stash them into a shelving unit by the sofa to use as a side table. Keep at least a little space on the table clear to work on.

In Part of a Bookcase
Use a bookcase unit with adjustable shleves to configure a small workspace that packs a punch with storage. For extra credit, hide your office away behind curtains or a panel on rails.

Behind the Sofa
Tuck a long, narrow table behind your sofa for a place to keep your laptop and sort through paperwork. A chair or stool that can tuck completely under the desk will maximize your available space.

Behind a Partition
Use a screen, shutters or a curtain to keep your desk hidden from the rest of your living area.

Under the Stairs
That awkward area underneath an open staircase is a great spot for a small workspace and a few shelves.

Inside an Armoire
Take a hutch or armoire and customize it to your workflow for a home office that you can shut down at the end of the day. Or, find a secretary desk that's already in perfect working order for your workspace.

Inside a Closet
A storage closet, linen closet or even a small coat closet can be turned into a workroom by finding a desk and shelves that fit the space. Leave closet doors on or off, depending on how much you want to be able to hide your office away.

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