Living room Furniture Arrangement Examples

Finding the perfect furniture arrangement for your small living room can be a challenge, but believe it or not, you don't have to sacrifice design for space. There are plenty of ways to arrange a small living room and make your space appear larger than it really is.

Small Living Room Arrangement Examples

The following are examples furniture arrangements for small (12' x 12') living rooms.

1. Room #1 is an example of how to use two sofas in a small space. By arranging the sofas away from the wall and providing enough room between the sofas and the coffee table for foot traffic, you can open up your layout and feel less cramped.

2. Room #2 is an example of how using chairs instead of a second sofa can make a small living room appear larger. Armchairs are also a great way to add style and function to any room, as they typically come in cool fabrics and interesting patterns. The armchairs even leave room for a small side table or plant to be placed between them.

Tips for Arranging Living Room Furniture

  • Use small scale furniture. If your living room space is small, you don't want to fill it with large, clunky pieces of furniture. Skip the sectional and opt for a small couch or love seat and a few chairs. Smaller pieces take up less space, meaning three small chairs will make your room appear more open than a single large couch.
  • Plan before you arrange. Using a virtual room planner is a great way to visualize your space before you buy any furniture. You can plug in the dimensions of your room and then add in furniture to see what looks best and where.
  • Use dual purpose furniture. It can be difficult to find adequate storage in small living spaces, and you don't want to fill your already small living room up with large bookshelves and cabinets. Instead, try finding furniture that serves a dual purpose, such as a coffee table with storage drawers or a credenza that doubles as a tv stand.

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