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Home theater seating layout: 5 key design and placement tips

Before movie enthusiasts can choose media room décor or purchase the appropriate seating, they must first choose the ideal room in their home for a luxury theater. If the home is under construction, homeowners can work with their architect in order to design the best space possible for their entertainment venue. In an existing home, the choices for a media room may be more limited, but the same basic principles for a good media room setup still apply. Perhaps the most important factor in choosing or building the ideal room for a high-end viewing space is to make sure that it has access to all of the media inputs that are necessary to create the ideal location for home entertainment. The media room should be able to access cable or satellite television signals, the Internet, and broadcast television at the very least. Ports and outlets for charging and accessing tablet computers and other devices are ideal as well.

The luxury media room will be the place where homeowners and guests will enjoy the sounds of movies, television, and music. Thus, the best choice for a media room is a room where the sound can be blocked off from the rest of the house. A room that is adaptable to a well-crafted media room layout will also be large enough to accommodate all of the necessary seating while giving all of those who are watching the screen a good view. No one’s view of the action should be blocked, after all.

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