Pictures of Living room Decor

Room Needs Flair

This space had clean lines and a neutral palette, but the overall look was safe, boring and without character. It needed stylish updates that can be achieved over a weekend: paint, window and rug treatments, a floating shelf, lamps and a couple of new furnishings (ottoman and hammock rocker). Existing furnishings—sofa, chairs, coffee table and area rug—remain as part of the new look

Chair-Rail Effect

The two-tone wall paint has the effect of a chair rail with a more modern vibe. The existing warm white color is paired with a rich teal blue (HGTV Home™ by Sherwin Williams Drizzling Rain, #HGSW2314) to yield a soft green-blue. Having the darker color at the bottom tends to ground the room and make the ceiling look higher. Pulling the darker color up two-thirds of the wall instead of halfway up—common in traditional chair rails—gives a fresh modern look.

Paint and Art Ledge

To create a longer expanse of shelf, three 24-inch sections of wall-mounted shelving were installed end to end. The result is a dramatic display space for larger art and other decor that follows the lines of the sofa. These allen + roth™ floating shelves (#745818) are made of medium density fiberboard but resemble solid rustic beams.

Stylish Rug Placement

The homeowners liked their existing area rug, a 5-foot x 8-foot woven one with a Southwestern pattern in neutrals, but it was too small for the space. Setting it at an angle over a new 8-foot x 10-foot rug with a low pile and a neutral texture fills the room. The angle of the top rug creates a layered, collected look and gives the space the same casual style as the rest of the furnishings.

Softened Window Treatment

Windows previously had only woven Roman shades, which made the room look sparse. Inexpensive new curtain panels (#382800) soften the look and give a more finished appearance without cluttering the room.

Pillows for Character and Color

Throw pillows let you add color, texture and personality to a room in doses that don’t interfere with an overall clean look. Pick up color from artwork and other decor in the room. But look past color to amp up style—add pillows with interesting woven textures, including faux fur.

Modern Lights

These DIY hanging pendants have the look found in high-end decorating but are much less expensive. Simply remove the aluminum shade and clamp from three $7 portable work lights so that what remains are just the long cords with the plugs on one end and the empty sockets on the other. Insert the plug ends into a three-outlet extension cord, then plug the extension cord into an outlet. Run the extension cord up to the ceiling and fasten the outlet end to a ceiling hook. Drape the lamp cords over a second ceiling hook and let them hang straight down. Add Edison bulbs to the lamps. In this room, the cords’ appearance is in keeping with the room’s casual decor.

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