Queen Bed for Small room

11 Ways To Make A Tiny Bedroom Feel Huge | HuffPost

Your master bedroom should be a place to close the door at the end of a day, shut out the world and unwind in private. But it’s also a place where you want to wake up energized and refreshed with everything you need at hand.

How you decorate this room, even when small, can make a huge difference in your mood. Every bedroom isn’t just about being beautiful and inspiring relaxation. It should provide good storage, though that can prove tough once you carve out space for a bed, nightstands, a chest of drawers and a comfortable reading chair.

There's another challenge. Many homeowners spend most of their money outfitting the living room, dining room and kitchen. "I think it’s practically impossible to waste money on creating the perfect bedroom because it affects you more than any other room in your house, " says Karen Carter, author of Move Your Stuff, Change Your Life: How to Use Feng Shui to Get Love, Money, Respect and Happiness.

Many design experts suggest starting with this room, maximizing the layout and dressing it up to suit your mood.

Begin with your bed. For comfort, purchase a queen- or king-sized bed, and be sure you have at least 2” on three sides to make it up. Unless it's a platform style, consider raising it up 7” or so to gain room for storage bins or baskets underneath as college kids do, says New York designer Libby Langdon.

Instead of positioning your bed against the wall closest to the door when you enter the room, Langdon suggests arranging your headboard against the opposite wall, so you view the entire bed right away, which will make your room look larger.

If there's an undesirable view, you might want to use your bed and a high enough headboard to block the sight.

Optimize storage. Rather than squeezing a chair and matching ottoman into your limited space, Langdon recommends a bench or ottomans for sitting, which often open up to include storage.

Because a small bedroom may not have room for a chest, many designers recommend hiring a professional closet organizer to maximize this space, no matter how small. Designer and author Marianne Cusato suggests getting as much “stuff” out of your bedroom and into the closet as possible to make the space look bigger.

Choose practical tables. When looking for bedside tables, go for a matching pair that fit the scale of your bed and room. Choose a flat surface on top for books, a water glass and lamp.

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