Ranch Furniture Texas

Catrina s Ranch Interiors | San Antonio Furniture Store
2700 Ranch Trail Dr
Irving, TX 75063
(214) 296-6200

I had been trying to get out to this furniture store for awhile. I had seen their advertising on television and wanted to finally see what all the hype was about. This store was using an advertising tactic of saying that they are going out of business. However this is far from the Truth! Over the years I noticed that when I would pass by the location they were still in business and going strong! Now when you go in it is set up like any other furniture store. They have sales Reps through out the floor. We had a few that did ask if we needed any assistance. Not to pushy but made sure they noticed us. As far as the prices they are a little too high for me on the quality and selection that they are showcasing. It was some nice and unique furniture but for me it is a hit and miss. Not a furniture store that I can go in and find everything I need for my entire home. However you might come across a few jewels here and there if your lucky.

I'm surprised to see all of the negative reviews. My wife and I have had two purchasing experiences with The Dump - a living room set, bedroom set, and mattress in 2014, when we moved to the area, and a living room set and dining room set last month. Not sure why everyone is complaining about being approached by salespeople. It's their livelihood, people! I can see if you're being badgered by the same person repeatedly, but if it's different people, what's the problem? Furniture store, car dealership, etc...if you're voluntarily entering a space where people earn a living based on commission, expect to be asked if you need help with something. The Dump's big selling point is that they're buying discounted merchandise, cutting overhead, and getting it to you at a price that ends up being a "deal." I'm no furniture aficionado, but we did our fair share of shopping around, and we both felt good about the quality/price point of the furniture we bought. Quality-wise, the items we purchased 30 months ago are still in great shape. We did have delivery hiccups in both cases - in 2014, we were sold a bedroom set that ended up having a missing piece. However, they allowed me to choose a replacement set that was significantly more expensive, and they ate the difference and delivered for free. In 2016, my four-piece living room set was delivered with three pieces (missing the ottoman), but it was delivered on the next business day. So, sure, not perfect - and maybe my standards are too low, but I left both experiences perfectly satisfied.

Sales associate was knowledgeable and good. Overall am happy

My experience was positive at this furniture outlet. Alexander Varghese - the salesperson - was amazing. He exemplified excellent customer service and was very attentive to making sure the furniture and mattress was perfect for our needs. He also went as far as to reach out to keep us updated on the shipping and delivery of the purchased items. This showed me that customer service is extremely important to him. I will certainly be coming back in the near future, as I become settled in Irving, Texas.

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