Simple living Hall design

03d67dca705c59df4c56bf1c46e88358Living room is the most important part of your house because it’s the room that is the most lived-in. You spend most of the time with your family in your living room and it also is the first place your guests come in. Hence, it is obvious that it needs extra attention when it comes to home décor. The style of your living room depends on many things like its size, design and most of all, your personality. Your living space speaks the most about the kind of person you are and about your hobbies. Whether you are looking forward to renovate your living room or simply for the ideas to tweak it a little, we have assembled 16 simple living room décor ideas for you to revamp your living room.

1. Colorful Soul

3e4621e34ff22e6cfbc6f89f72e6e031We are suckers for colors and the pastel shades are to die for. Make your living room bright and cheerful by throwing colors around like confetti. You can choose contrasting colors for your couch and cushions and add floral essence to the décor by either adding a floral print carpet or by opting for vases with flowers in them. The whole ensemble will bring out your personality and the colors of course have the natural tendency to brighten up the mood.

2. Framed

The idea is to gather all the frames and décor pieces that you have and arrange them artistically around your TV. The frames can carry your pictures or some abstract art; can be big or small; all you have to do is arrange them in a mosaic form and fill up the surrounding space around your TV. The idea is inexpensive and uses up all the frames that usually don’t work anywhere else around the house and lay forgotten in the corner.

8e1789a6aacdbfd5b9a8acbdcd683abf3. Wall decals

The easiest way to upgrade any room is to add a cool wall decal to it. Get a wall decal that goes with the color scheme of your room and choose a corner that is likely to flatter it the most. You will find tons of designs that you can choose from; but make sure you don’t go overboard with the idea and stick to one decal per room.

4. Love for mommy nature

Don’t limit your love for nature just to your garden when you can bring Mother Nature inside your house. Plants when planted in fancy pots can serve as great accessories to adorn your living room. The room will instantly look fresh and alive. Whether it’s winters or summers outdoors, it will always be spring season in your living room.

5. Vintage chic

If you are more of a lover for vintage, you can always let your living room speak your style. By adding a vintage style chair with ottoman to its front, you can easily make your living room look chic and cozy. Go for floral and tartan print for armchairs and other accessories for your room to create a vintage inspired living room

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