Small bedroom Furniture layout ideas

Stumped on how to decorate the wall above your sofa? Not sure quite how to mix vintage furniture with new accessories? We’re kicking off a new series to solve all of your design problems. Simply post your dilemma on Twitter or Instagram with the hashtag #CB2Sessions, and we’ll select a few favorites to figure out for you. In this month’s sessions, we asked our stylist Aaron Hom to answer a few tough questions about decorating a small bedroom, all of which are illustrated in this photo he styled for a recent photoshoot.

The largest room in my studio apartment is the living room. Can I make it my bedroom?
Of course! These days, old brownstones are often chopped up and you’ll have a studio apartment in what was once a living room. In this living room we styled for our latest catalog, we created a space that multi-tasks as a bedroom and an office.

Does your bed always have to be positioned against the largest wall in a room?
It may seem unorthodox, but you can push everything into the center of the room. This layout allows you to easy walk around the room and brings such a different energy in the room. This bed has an upholstered headboard, so it looks good from all angles. Bonus: it’s really easy to make in the morning.

How can I incorporate a desk into my bedroom without making it feel like an office?
I hate when a desk gets relegated to a lousy corner. If you have a beautiful desk, show it off! This one is really great because it has hidden storage. The top slides back so you have space to put a laptop inside. If it wasn’t that type of desk, you’d be looking at work and mail all of the time. It’s a great space saver and doesn’t take up much of a footprint nesting against the bed. I also love that your desk lamp functions as your bedside reading lamp at night.

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