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Lisa Quinn turns a dull living room into a modern space with some really fun touches. She used the living room at the Martin Designers Showcase Home in California as inspiration for her makeover.

Living Room Decor Tips:

  • In a small room, the use of an interesting rug may make up for the absence of accessories and colorful artwork.
  • Use anti-slip underlays in order to keep any rug in place.
  • If you have kids or pets, choose durable couches (leather or corduroy).
  • If your fire place looks dated consider painting it. It can make it look more modern.
Shopping for a Dining Room Table:
  • Before choosing a dining room table, remember to measure your dining room. Don't forget you will need space for the chairs and you should be able to walk around the table.
  • Chairs without solid backs ("airy spaces" with bars between) can make them appear as if they aren't taking too much space
  • A more rustic finish will hide the normal wear and tear of young family members.
  • Clear tables take up less space visually and work well in small spaces.
  • A round table usually takes up less space.
Creating a Beautiful Faux Flower and Twig Arrangement:
  • Buy long twigs (you can find them at many stores including IKEA)
  • Find pretty white paper flowers in two sizes (Michael's carries a selection of faux white flowers in their wedding section)
  • The flowers should have small wires on the back
  • Use the wires to wrap around the twigs.
  • Spread out the flowers and use two different size flowers. Don't use too many flowers, just a few for a delicate look.
  • Use the glue gun to keep flowers in place if needed
  • Cut your twigs to the desired size
  • Use a clear vase to place twigs in
You have a beautiful arrangement that will last and won't cost a fortune.

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