Small living room design

small living room designsMaking the most of every inch of space in a small living room can be a challenge. However, there are some small living room designs that really can make the most of space, even some of them are very creative. Today, we would like to give you some ideas of creative small living room designs that can will help you fulfill your wish.

Firstly, the colors of the interiors of the house play a very important role in living room designs. People often avoid using dark colors in case of small spaces. However, one can go for contrasting colors for small living room designs. You can get one focal wall painted in a darker shade than the others, or play with colors and make a creative design on it while keeping the other walls lighter in color. Do not try to decorate every wall of your house, making it look like a circus or a colorful house from a fairy tale! You can also use your imagination and make the color scheme look more attractive and eye-catching. When it comes to the floors, in creative small living room designs, you can give a glamorous look by choosing a contrasting color scheme between the flooring and the walls. This will make your room look more exciting and full of life. Your flooring will become a distinctive and unique feature of your room in contrast with your wall color scheme. But do keep in mind that if you want bright or colorful flooring, keep all the walls of same color. Then, for the lighting, use different light fixtures like a wall sconce which has a light-colored glass or a wall fixture which is focusing its light in the upward direction. Place lamp shades which complement the look and color scheme of the room. Placing a dull-colored lamp in the room that has a bright color scheme will spoil the look of the room. Try to use dramatic home lighting as it will make your room look brighter and expressive.

People have this misconception that placing smaller pieces of furniture in the room will make it look bigger, which is not always true. In fact, one should use large pieces of furniture in the room to make it look spacious rather that cramming several small pieces. Try to use furniture that can also give you a storage facility so that you can put away unnecessary stuff, making your room look neater. Use furniture that is multipurpose like a couch bed or a coffee table, which can also be used as a dining table. Well, these were some ideas of creative small living room designs. You can also add your own creativity to achieve the perfect small living room you’ve always desired. For more concept about living room design, you can get it here.

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